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jmj chalin

Born in the 60s in France . When I was young I went to the private school of Mr MINDSZENTI Laszlo born 1934 in Hungary, master in art how immigrate in France in the early 60s for political reason and I learned for few years the basic of art . In the late 70s I was already working but I took on 2 years study part time at the art school of Rouen in the window dresser sector and I passed 9 out of 10 art applique .I did not follow the third year how was display and commercial that I was not interested . All my art work from 80s and 90s has been given to family ,friends or sold but I still have some photos of them. For the last 30 years that I have been living in England I managed with lot of hard work to become a chef for an hospital how is my second passion and that is given me the opportunity to support my self in a cultural urban environment where I CAN DELIVERED A RICH ART WORK AND TO AVOID MY WORST FEAR BECOMING ONE OF THOSE ARTIST HOW LACK CREATIVITY STOCK IN A FRONT OF A WHITE CANVAS WITH LITTLE INSPIRATION BEGGING FOR THE MONEY TO SURVIVE .ART is an emotion i translate in colour so it can be seen . Sometime you can even understand it better than I do because it mean more to you than to me. My paints have and are an original story like a song how have been design for you , it can catch your eyes and gave you that deep felling .Fine art where colour are like notes of music....I am born artist. all my regards for Artlovers .tank you for the time you took having interest in my work. JOELLE ps some of my work as been sign bourseau it was my married name at the time.