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Ping-Gang Cheng

Ping-Gang Cheng
Born in 1958. Studied in China Academy of Art. Now living in Shanghai and Cardiff. Professional artist.
After studying Chinese calligraphy and western art from an early age, Ping-Gang Cheng has developed his own unique take on Chinese Art. His abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form and colour to create compositions that are well balanced and mirrors nature. The sheer size of his work is overwhelming, it envelops you, the audience, and makes you feel a part of the landscape calmness. Ping-Gang Cheng's work presents a brand
new appearance of 'Chinese Art'. His achievement of painting, calligraphy and philosophy gives him the freedom, through his brush strokes, which leaves a lasting impression with his bold, overflowing enthusiasm, giving the strong aliveness of nature.

1990 Solo Exhibition in Shanghai Painting Academy
1990 Shanghai Calligraphy Exhibition
1991 Shanghai Sino-Japan Calligraphy Public Exhibition
1997 & 2000 Contemporary Art Exhibition (Tokyo)
2003 Shanghai Art Exhibition
2008 Uwantart Volume 3 Contemporary Art Exhibition
2009 Uwantart Art Exhibition
2013 China Elite Magazine, Project introduction
2015 Boundary Art Opening Exhibition: Communication & Innovation
2015 Boundary Art Spring Exhibition
2016 Shanghai Gallery Ink painting Solo Exhibition
2017 Seto-Japan Art Museum Exhibition