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Renata Ziolkowska

Renata Ziolkowska

Renata graduated from the 5-year State Secondary School of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Exhibition and Designing, in Kraków . She obtained her diploma in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Spatial design and lettering.
Graduated with honors in 1988.
Studied at The Academy Of Fine Arts-in Kraków as freelance student. She studied graphics and drawing with prof. Zbylut Grzywacz, painting with prof. Rodzinski, Szancenbach and Nowosielski, as also in private Krakow art and drawing studios.
From 1989 she was associated with the so-called Father of the Neue Wilde Wiesław Obrzydowski. They worked on two-sided works and compositions created together. In the Labirynt and Loch Camelot galleries in Kraków and in the Town Hall, her works were inseparable from those of W.O. And now they are found in many private collections in Poland, USA, Korea and Germany. Majority works were lost due to W.O being robbed in latest stage of his life and due Renata’s relocation.
Individual Author's exhibition of pastels, paintings and poetry took place in Mlynek, Kraków 2003. Shortly after, she emigrated to the UK and has not exhibited since then. She is en expressionist, and colorist. Landscapes and portraits are vigorous and vibrant, recent favorite technic is acrylics on canvas.
Selected works available on London Art.