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Alejandro Thornton

Born in 1970, Buenos Aires.
Graduated at the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredón”, Thornton is one of the emerging artists of the 2000 generation of Buenos Aires. With a production which covers both painting as well as graphic, visual poetry and interventions, his work moves easily between neo-expressionism and neo-pop.
In recent works, Thornton develops from different concepts: identity, repetition and simulation, these concepts are today questioned by those changes generated by mass media, virtual reality, clonation and robotic. Made on the basis of repetitions and plays, his works have never ceased to pose a challenge to the retina or to question the concept of expression and the expression of the concept, a pleasant nuisance where many of the problems of the contemporary painting are subtly at stake.
Among his solo show the following are outstanding: “Faces” at Angel Guido Art Project and “Forever” Draws at Elsi del Rio both in 2008; “Hi” at Matthei Gallery (Chile) and “Kylie”/Draws at Crimson Gallery both also in 2007 and “I will not be your mirror” (2004) and “Welcome to me” (2000) both at Pabellón4 Contemporary Art. In addition, he has been selected in important awards and biennials both in Argentina as well foreign countries, such as: III National Award UADE University, Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires. First Venezuela International Art Biennial, Arteamericas07, The Latin American Art Fair, Miami (USA); National Award Central Bank; Bahia Blanca National Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art; XII Biennial Guadalupana (Mexico); International Prints Tokyo 07, Sakima Art Museum (Japan); “Cubo Project”, Pabellon4 Contemporary Art; Platt National Award for Visual Arts, Rioplatense Award for Visual Arts, Osde Foundation, Patagonia-Arte Foundation Award for Young Artist; 1st International Turkish Art Biennial, (S:L:K) Scents:Locks:Kisses, Z33 Art Center (Belgic); Hebraica Foundation Award for Young Artist; III Iberoamerican Award Aerolineas Argentinas Foundation; Palermo University Award, National Museum of Fine Arts; VIII Visual Poetry International Meeting C.C. Recoleta; Mc Donnals-Palais de Glace Awards for Young Artist; XLVII National Fine Arts Award, Sivori Museum; National Fine Arts Academy Award, Sivori Museum; “Prilidiano Pueyrredón 98’ Awards, Borges Art Center; II Klemm Fundation Award.

Awards: -2008- First Prize Copime Biennal, -2004- Mention of the jury Prize, Arte al Dia Internacional Magazine, -2002- First Prize, Bollini Fundation Award; -2001- First Mention, St. Paul´s College Award -2000- First Prize, Pabellón IV National Salon, Pabellón IV Art Center; -1999- 4to. Prize Palermo Viejo Awards; -1998- First Prize Prilidiano Pueyrredón 98’ Awards, Borges. Art Center.; First Prize Spring Salon, Leidi Art Alliance; -1995- Painting Fellowship, National School of Fine Arts.