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Jo Lewis  cv     film interview
The interaction of water, colour and surface, in a particular place and time is a constant preoccupation for artist Jo Lewis. Fascinated by the relationship and behaviour of one of nature's strongest elements, Lewis' work reflects the beauty of the landscape, the water, rivers, streams and oceans, within it. Specialising in water based paints and inks Jo predominantly creates her work while on location and often incorporates the natural water source into the process of creating the work. "The movement and flow of water across the paper as it meets the paint leaves a unique trace. Maybe only seconds apart, but in that new moment of weather, tide and wind, the paper records a new image." Jo Lewis' recent work has been created from different locations along London's famous, River Thames. In 2001 Jo Lewis was awarded a Champions for Change Millennium grant, and more recently was commissioned by Hermes UK to produce artwork for display in their London shop windows.