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Vincentas Titas Gimzunas  cv
Vincentas presents paintings with a wide range of styles. From naturalistic still life to gestural abstract markmaking; from Surrealist landscape to psychedelic portrait. He is equally at home with each genre. The common factor is that all are oils on canvas. 'The Rag on a Doorpost' is particularly appealing in that here, he manages to infuse the seemingly realistic appearance of an everyday thing with a surreal twist. The shadows are atmospheric and the simple piece of cloth itself comes to life. In luminous lapis blue it is suggestive of the folds of Renaissance drapery. Achieving a thorough investigation of a humble moment, he invests it with a solemn grace.
Untitled, Edition of 10

35mm black & white film


24 by 28cm. (9.6" x 11.2")
£ 250
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