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Dimitra Viveli has a degree in Greek and English Language, Literature, and Linguistics and a Masters in Interactive Media and creates visual art and poetry that are intrinsically connected. In 1999-2000, London, she collaborated with the Institute for International Visual Arts (Iniva) in the context of an online educational project on contemporary art. She has also explored physical theatre and since 2005, has been involved in research work regarding the impact of colours and shapes in the human psychology and health and their value in the process of self-discovery and identity construction. She says "Life is not a collection of activity fragments and closed discipline networks - rather, it is an active continuum in which various densities of existence, ranging from soul to matter, seize the opportunity to interact produce common results, which are shaped by an uninterrupted array of choices." In 2010, this talented artist founded a philosophy and art lab in Lycabettus, Athens.