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Dominika Biernacka

Dominika Biernacka is an emerging polish artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Her digital prints on canvas feature a series of women with strong features and an inscrutable, dynamic presence.
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Esmond Bingham

Bingham is fascinated by the ways that sheet materials, such as wrapping paper, card and glass, can both describe subtle volume and be harnessed to investigate a variety of contexts and ideas.
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lesley blackburn

The multi - coloured feasts of delight served up by Lesley Blackburn are a visual treat. Impressionistic, free-flowing swirls of paint cohere to create occasional forms: whether they be flowers, castles or still lives. Hers is a true success story of how artistic vision and determination can lead to Paradise on earth: the birth of a worldwide successful artist.
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Sally Bloete

Sally Bloete's visual commentary on modern day living, observes life with stinging precision. Her lack of guile and sharp wit, combine to produce these humorous observations on popular and contemporary culture. Each image is coupled with an equally satirical title that acts as a caption or slogan to enhance each visual retort. Sally Bloete is a New York artist currently living and working in London
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Rebecca Elizabeth Blow

The expressive drawings and paintings of Rebecca Elizabeth Blow are extremely memorable due to the unique way she draws with a series of marker crosses, anchoring the forms in place. From there, she works more energetically in certain parts of the image to endow the figures with real weight, often through a dense, black line. Her figure drawings and nudes are well observed yet also imaginatively dwell in the coloured surroundings of the figure, becoming semi-abstract. her unique style has a certain humour but also great pathos.
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Milivoje Bogatinović

Milivoje is an artist from Serbia. Here, he shows a series of delightful paper collages based on an aquatic theme. The roughly torn - edged effect he uses works well in conjuring up the sharp edges of crustacea, rock and coral. He also makes fine use of pattern both in the patterns of the paper itself and in the delicate way he superimposes the smaller elements within the scene. There is a great sense of lively movement throughout.
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Cornelia Brand

The powerful combination of elements in Cornelia Brand's working life provides her with a didactic fusion of subject, content and emotion. As a police woman living and working in South Africa, Cornelia Brand's paintings are inspired by "Ö the changes that took place in South Africa and in my life, since democracy". Through her use of vibrant colour, Brand hopes to reflect the "multifaceted nation", where she lives. "My paintings are a reflection of my complex personality and adds meaning to my life and color to those of other" She says.
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Caroline Breen

Caroline Breen is a photographer and painter (with a particular penchant for donkeys and cathedrals!) who lives and works in France.
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