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David Moon

David Moon lives and works in London. Specialising in life painting David has been painting in the life room for over seven years. Favouring Oil paint, Pastel and Charcoal his work on paper is often created in one sitting. His work on canvas is developed from a mixture of drawings and sketches he has made in the life room which he has then explored once back in his studio.
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Stewart Kenneth Moore

Stewart Kenneth Moore is a British-born painter living and working in Prague. Stewart fell in love with the city instantly - it’s atmosphere and it’s thriving artistic community - and quickly decided to make it his home. He is now part of an exciting group of figurative artists constantly exhibiting throughout the region.
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Christopher Morris

Adept at capturing likenesses of well-known film and Pop music icons, Christopher Morris's enjoyment of drawing is self- evident in the works shown here, mainly executed in pencil on watercolour paper. His imaginative renditions burst with energy, see for example the pointillist stubble used to exaggerate the rugged brilliance of actor Daniel Day Lewis. Morris also includes an eclectic mix of illustrative works that reference Fashion sketches, late 20th Century record covers and the influential Art Nouveau penmanship of Aubrey Beardsley.
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Daphne Murray Browne

Londonart are pleased to introduce Daphe Murray Browne, a talented Bristol based artist.
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Liane Naranjo

Liane Naranjo is a self-taught artist from Cuba. The work she shows here in Londonart are mostly acrylic on canvas and are largely figurative. Figures are often pictured in gardens or fields, large hats shading their heads from the sun. Although darkness too is a recurring theme in Naranjo's work. In "The Wind", the golden leaves of a tree are set against a dark brooding background. In "La Duda", a figure hangs up her hat and sits in solitude in a darkened room. The walls are painted with swift, atmospheric brushstrokes, which add a degree of expression to the composition and hint at the figure's psychological state.
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Sarah Needham

Sarah Needham’s fresh and spontaneous approach to her art reflects her admiration of nature and it’s natural processes. Click on her image to find out more.
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Julie Nicholls

Do Julie Nicholls's images feel familiar to you? Feel like you have seen them before but can't quite place where? Don't torment yourself trying to think where you have seen them... Julie Nicholl's illustrations are becoming as familiar to our consumer culture as chips are to fish. Her client list is as long as your leg and her work has been used all over the place to illustrate all sorts of things. Here's a selection of her client list that might help jog your memory… Blackwells Publishing, BBC Good Food Magazine, BBC Homes and Gardens Magazine, BBC Vegetarian Magazine, Bella Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Creative Ideas Magazine, Financial Times, Ideal Home Magazine, Oxford University Press, Prima Magazine, The Times, Which Magazine… the list goes on and on and on. This is a unique opportunity to buy an original Nicholls art work at a very affordable price.
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Zoran Nicic

Zoran Nicic was born in Belgrave. After studying painting under Professor Jovanivoc in Belgrave he moved to London in 2004. “When I moved to London I was struck by the overwhelming spectrum of diversity: sights, sounds, people, food and buildings” he says. Finding great inspiration from the architecture of the Victorian period in stark contrast to the modern architecture of London’s, South Bank, his work hopes to reflect a diversity of cultures. Zoran Nicic has work in private collections across the world, countries include, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece and India.
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Maziyar Pahlevan

Fascinated by pattern and repetitive mark, Maziyar Pahlevan curvaceous head and neck 'Portraits', use fluid and continuous line to expose the features of the figure. Specialising in graphite on paper Pahlevan currently lives and works in Iran.
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