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Dariya Afanaseva

DARIYA AFANASEVA Russian artist Dariya Afanasevaís work is an instinctive mixture of figurative and abstract expressionist forms. Her images aim to capture the most elusive experiences of life; the nuance of human relationships, memory and consciousness. She successfully recreates a sense of fleeting sensation in her dynamic works, highly charged images that simultaneously deny and invite recognition. Her figurative abstractions are simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated leaving only the essence or some degree of familiar form. Varying between monochrome and a violent, rash mixture of colour she currently works with acrylic on canvas and mixed media.
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Victor Agius

Victor Agius was born in 1982 and currently lives and works in Gozo, Malta.After completing an art degree from the University of Malta he has exhibited in Baveno, and Florence, Italy and locally at the bíart Art Gallery in Sliema, Malta. He has a number of art works held in permanent collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, Domenican Republic and the Musee de Civilasations de líEurope e de la Mediterranee in Marseilles, France. His works are also held in private collections across Malta including the office of the Prime Minister,Malta, and the Italian Embassy in Malta. Victor Agius exploits his work as a medium to incite a transmission of energy through which he seeks to compel the audience by his process of experimentation and self-discovery..
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Anneli Akinde

Anneli Akinde is a co founder and active member of one3snapshot, a collective group of artists and associates who are dedicated to promoting art and culture outside the mainstream. An Estonian artist, Anneli Akinde studied art at Tartu Art College and subsequently Graphic Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Drawing inspiration from nature she particularly focuses her attention on the forest and seascapes, their patterns textures and repetitive form. Dedicating her professional work to diverse types of graphic endeavors, including, illustration, book cover designs, magazine layout and editing, her work has been featured extensively across Estonia.
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Wilson Alan

Having completed a BA in Fine Art in the late seventies, Alan is currently studying an MA in Digital Art at Camberwell College, London. Inspired by the human form, his previous work centered on the life room and focused his painting and draftsmanship in a representative style. His more recent work focuses on his empirical understanding and knowledge of three dimensional form. By simplifying and exposing his drawing mechanisms and technique, Alan creates imagery which is representative, diagrammatical and instructional.
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Claire Alexander - Drawings

Claire is predominantly a portrait painter. As one of Londonart's most popular portrait artists, drawing from life is an integral part of Claire Alexander's working practice. Alexander studied fine art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury and has a BA honours degree in Painting. Claire regularly exhibits her work in London and has paintings in private collections throughout the UK, America, Australia, Italy and Germany. Claire also writes and illustrates children's books. Her first book, 'Small Florence' will be published in Autumn 2007. To find additional works including Claire Alexander's paintings, please view Claire Alexander.
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Jaroslaw Ancuta

"In my imaginary world weirdness, beauty and satire are mixed together. Soft but intense contour and colour play the main role in my paintings, while detailed precision is the main feature in my drawings." Jaroslaw Ancuta. Jaroslaw Ancuta is a Polish artist now living and working in Kent, England. Jaroslaw studied her Masters Degree under Professor A. Klimczak and graduated in 1996 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. For a number of years she worked as an Animator for "Semafor" and "Europa" film studios in Lodz, Poland and Lectured at the Local Art College before making the decision to move to England to focus and develop her own unique artwork.
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Petrea Andrei

This incredibly talented Romanian painter creates unique and visionary works, ranging from surreal sketches to intensely expressive nudes. Painted in sunny yellows and startling blues, these are works to grab any viewer. Whether painting the inside of a contemporary manís head or screaming figures stretching agonisingly towards an empty sky, Andrei certainly is not afraid to make art that makes a statement. The sketchy nature of some paintings gives them a nervous energy; a real vigour that makes them dance and come alive. This is art to come back to time and time again and would provide any buyer with a lifetime of interest and pleasure. Having exhibited widely in his native country, we are now very pleased to bring his work to the LondonArt customers.
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Azure art

"My art has often used music as a reference point, incorporating traditional fine art practices to produce both abstract and surreal works."
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