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Maria Bressanello

Richly coloured oil paintings of bulls pondering the silence or just watching you watching them. This is starkly Latino work. Argentinian born Bressanello uses bulls, clown and humans as her subjectss and creates the surreal atmosphere of the shadows in an alternate view of natural life. She paints heavily passionate scenes of weeping lovers, alone or embracing, as well as animals considering their own reflections. She creates a series of outline sketches of human figures on deep red and black backgrounds which reduce the human form to its most elemental parts. Brassanello paints and teaches out of her studio in Beunos Aires and we are delighted to bring her work to a UK audience.
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Laurence Briand

LAURENCE BRIAND French born artist, Laurence Briand’s drawings show a love for the precision of the line. Always working within the medium of pen and ink she looks with a hawk’s eye for detail and a keen sense of humour at street scenes from across the world. Enlivening the disheveled beauty of modern urban life the images emanate with soot and shadow. In ‘Kyoto noodles’ the busy tangle of telegraph wires above a pair of Geisha like girls tottering below evokes the comic contradictions of tradition and modernity in the swelling Asian hub. Although she never formally trained, her pictures reflect an astonishing level of skill in draughtsman-ship and a distinctive, instantly recognizable style.
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Lindsey  Bull

A Figurative painter specialising in oil, Lindsey Bull's charismatic paintings are simultaneously glamorous and inherently melancholy. Predominantly autobiographical , Lindsey's elegant paintings contemplate the darker and more obscure side of life. After graduating from Fine Art Painting at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001, Lindsey has continued to live and work in Manchester. Lindsey Bull will begin a postgraduate diploma in London in January 2007.
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Pat Burke

Pat Burke lives and paints in the North of England. Based on his vast experience of portrait commissions and through popular demand, Pat now divides his commission time between painting 'real' people, and painting their celebrity idols such as Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Marley.
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