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judy clarkson

JUDY CLARKSON Judy Clarkson grew up in Harrogate, she attended St. Martins School of Art and graduated in Fine Art. Initially a painter after leaving college she returned to life drawing, in the human figure she sees a kind of living sculpture. Through a profound understanding of the human form her images come closer and closer to an expression of the human condition. Although apparently purely traditional, her drawings constitute a deeply esoteric ambition to ‘achieve the closeness of true simplicity.’ She sees the figure as the symbol and reality of ‘the rock upon which we founder’ as she describes it; that which both supplies and denies intimacy. Her work emphasizes both the isolation and the sensuality of the nude, and the crowded loneliness of everyday life.
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Cyril  Coetzee

Cyril Coetzee is fasinated with the interchange between culture, beliefs, and mythologies. Living and working in South Africa, Cyrill Coetzee’s, emblematic paintings received momentous acclaim in the 1980’s. He was later invited to paint the largest commissioned canvas in South African History, measuring a phenomenal twenty-eight meters square. It now hangs in the William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
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Herve Constant

Constant's grainy, earthly paintings have a secret, mystically, misty feel to them. Electrifyingly ominous air in the environments he creates send a tingle to the back of the neck. Constant's paintings have a fantastically intriguing quality to them.
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Penny Crofts

Penny Crofts uses a variety of mediums by which to best represent her subject matter. Penny's work reflects and documents her artistic journey by also adopting a number of styles and genres which are most suited to her present artistic vision. Exhibiting across London and the UK, her work is becoming well known for its sense of honesty and endeavour.
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Louise Cunningham

Having successfully completed a BA (Hons) and Diploma in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in July 2005, Cunningham started her own illustration company. Now running a successful Illustration company and creating her own work she has an impressive client base including, Random House Children's Books, Bloomsbury and Meadowside Books in London. Her work is available in a range of formats and will be available to buy as a greeting card by the end of 2006.
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Susan Davidson

Susan Saunders combines Pen and Ink with Watercolour paint to create these beautiful drawings and paintings. Susan paintings of Tower Bridge, Oxford Street and St Paul’s celebrate England’s vibrant capital city, while her flower and landscape images eloquently reflect the beauty found in nature.
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Lawrence Douglas  Davis. NS

Lawrence Douglas Davis is a British artist living and working in Portsmouth. Although Lawrence Davis's figurative Sculpture could be seen as heavily classical in its style and form, his choice of medium gives his work a lighter more contemporary and somewhat more delicate twist.
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Tatiana  de Stempel

Specialising in oil and canvas and ink on rice paper, Tatiana De Stempel’s work combines the human figure with symbolic imagery. The permutation of elements seems to create a biographical code by which she explores and develops her own unique visual language. Tatiana De Stempel currently lives and works in London.
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Natalie Deighton

Natalie is a Lancashire-based artist who derives inspiration from the natural world. Her drawings have a faux-naive charm.
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