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LondonArt On-line Security Guarantee

Fears of purchasing on-line are gradually subsiding, but still there is a nervousness when sending credit card details out into the ether. Fortunately, internet technology is at the stage where it can boast a safer environment than a telephone transaction. Maximum encryption via a secure socket layer protocol means that it is virtually impossible for information to be intercepted.

When you register with us you only have to input your credit card details once; they are then held on our secure server, which eradicates any risk of them being 'stolen'. You can tell that a website is secure by the padlock icon that appears at the corner of your browser as you enter protected data.

The encoding of data, making it unreadable by anyone but our secure server. The 'strength' of encryption (how difficult it is to break) is determined by the length of number of the key.

Encryption Key
An encryption key is a mathematical code that scrambles your data. The longer the key the more difficult it is to break. LondonArt uses a 1024 bit key which is unbreakable by today's standards. (Please note that although LondonArt's key is 1024 bit, your browser may support a smaller sized key. LondonArt's secure e-commerce platform will automatically adjust its self to your browser's strongest key).

Proves that we are who we say we are. When trading with LondonArt we use a THWATE digital certificate that tells you that you are dealing with LondonArt and not anybody else.

Secure socket layer
An internet security protocol that encrypts all communications between the browser and the server. For more information follow this link, or if you are more techically minded try here

In the unlikely event of discovering an unauthorised purchase made using your credit card, you should report it to your credit card company immediately.